It’s What You Keep That Counts: How to Dis-Invite the IRS From Your Next Taxable Event.

An Informational Webinar

Ed Lyon, the CEO of the Tax Master Network (where we go to learn more about strategies to help you pay less), will introduce you to several ways you can minimize, defer, or eliminate taxes on big-ticket sales like businesses, real estate, or appreciated stock.

If you’re about to sell, you’ll learn how I can help you avoid throwing away potentially millions in taxes you don’t have to pay. And even if you’re not ready to sell, you’ll learn valuable strategies for us to consider as the time comes closer to selling.

If you can’t make the live presentation, sign up anyway and we’ll email you a link to download the presentation and watch a replay at your convenience.

We won’t be “pitching” anything. This isn’t one of those hard-sell seminars with 10 minutes of teaser copy and 40 minutes of “closing.” Just quality information and ideas that you can use as start using immediately to pay less tax on your big-ticket sales. After all, it’s what you keep that counts.

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